January Counterfeit Kit Challenge!

How fun to be asked to participate as the guest designer in the January Counterfeit Kit Challenge! I have busted out some of my older stash while taking on the challenges of the past couple months. I love seeing it all in a new light! I have made some great pages with my kits and I am excited to share more this month.

The kit we are counterfeiting this month comes from a favorite scrapbook subscription of mine called Felicity Jane. (Check out the reveal on the CKC blog here). I love their simple, unique color palettes and the addition of black and white patterns in all their kits. There is a subtle whimsy in all their kits and I love using their products for my baby girl. I actually own the kit we are counterfeiting but had so much fun creating my own kit based on it.

This kit has a great selection of patterns and I love the dusty blues and rosey pinks. I also am obsessed with wood grain, anything with a grid, and scalloped edges. My kit ended up going in a couple different directions which will be fun to intertwine this month.

So here is my take(s) on the kit:

Here are just the papers:

The top row of papers is a little brighter in color. Some of them are from a paper pad from Michaels that I have had forever. I love that little pink paper with the black bows.

The second row is from the Felicity Jane Kit. I haven’t used it yet so I am really excited for the excuse to make a few pages with it.

The bottom row is different than anything I normally use so it will be fun to push myself a little. A few of the papers are from a pad from Michaels (those Hot Buy books at $6 are irresistible!). You can see in the picture below that I cut up a page of 3x4 cards from that pad also.

Here are the papers with their embellishments:

I am so excited to share my projects with you this month and to see everyone’s spin on this great kit!


  1. Especially challenging when you own the kit, lol! That pink paper with the bows really IS cute, and I have a terrible time resisting those cheapie paper pads, too 😊 Glad you’re with us this month.

    1. They are cheap but they are soooo wonderful huh?! I wish they made matching embellishments.

  2. Oh nicely done, and I like that you added the third set of papers as a challenge to yourself. I will be waiting to see what you create.

  3. You definitely have lots to work with this month! Those challenge papers are always good for some fun - I'm interested to see how you use them.

  4. Welcome as guest designer. You have rocked the kit! Will be checking in on your creations :)

  5. Great that you took up the challenge of being the guest designer, can't wait to see what you create. Love the kit you have put together, you have matched the colours and patterns well.

  6. What a fun kit! I love that you included some of the kit contents, but not all. Make the most of what you have, right?

  7. Beautiful kit. I also love the idea of some challenge paper!. Have fun crafting.

  8. Such a pretty kit and I too like the idea of some challenge paper :) Thank you for being our Guest this month :)

  9. Meagan: first, congrats on being selected as January's Guest Designer for CKC blog! Second, your copy cat kit is very well organized! Third, you did a great job matching color tones and inspirational patterns! I'm excited to see what you create with all these goodies!!!

  10. Welcome to the CKC design team this month ;-) You did a great job with your kit/s! They look super and I love that you rose to the challenge of making three "takes" - well, 2 I guess as you had the original ;-) The third - more challenging - set of products will be really interesting to watch you use up! I love challenging myself like this. So happy to have you on board this month and I love how you kicked off the month.