Counterfeit Kit Challenge Kit Take Two

I totally bashed through my first kit!!! I am so happy that I was able to get so much done. Since there are still 15 days left in the month and I just can’t imagine not having my own kit I made another one. This kit isn’t so much a replica of the Felicity Jane as much as an opportunity to create a kit with a couple of my favorite papers as a base. 

A while back I bought a 12x12 book of Jen Hadfield’s My Bright Life line by Pebbles. I ended up only really liking a few of the patterns. I like them so much, however, that I have wanted a build a kit out of them with supporting patterns so I could use them to their fullest. I really have a thing for matchy-matchy and having lots of pattern options. I have tried to fight it but to no avail! 

I really want to make a few greeting cards and some more pages for my baby girl. I love really colorful florals and birds so I am super excited to dive in. 

Full kit includes three letter sticker options, three ribbons, and the ephemera pack from My Bright Life, three multicolor papers with seven monochromatic patterns. 


Just the paper:

I can’t wait to share what I make with this mini kit!! I hope I can use it up like I did the last one.


  1. Way to go! Kit #2 is just as beautiful as the first. Looking for ward to seeing more beautiful projects.
    Cindy F

  2. B right and cheery which is perfect for January!

  3. Meagan: this mini kit #2 looks so charming! Can't wait to see how you mix and match these!!

  4. Yay for using up that first kit! This one is very pretty, too - love the textures of the trims you included.

  5. I can't wait to see what you do. You have a great eye

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