The “Storing Rocks for Winter” page explanation 

Hey friends!! I had lots of questions about how I made this page that I recently posted on Instagram:

It kinda makes sense that it would attract attention. Not only is the subject matter super cute (OshKosh overalls FOREVER!!) but the page is simple and the focus is primarily on the pictures and story. The white balance is perfection and it is a great layout for when you are stumped on what cards to use.

So, how is this look achieved? It’s all done in the Project Life app but there are a couple little tricks utilized to get that solid background color and the text to go over multiple pockets.  If you refer to my blog post entitled “The PL app basic techniques I rely on ALL.THE.TIME” tips #1 and #3 are what I used for this page. 

I also made the page below and took screenshots of the process to give you another example:

1. Start by turning off your drop shadow in Preferences (in the green quadrant on the app home page)

2. Open a blank Design A template and add your pictures

3. If you like the white border around each photo that is an overlay found in Just Add Color Overlays. Add the overlays now.

5. Now to select the background color. You need to press the button in the upper left corner to view all your options. I look primarily at that colored dots to find a palette that will work well with my pictures since this page doesn’t have any cards. 

For this page I used the new Halloween Magic Edition. (These colors will be what I use to change the text colors when I add freeform text a couple steps from now.)

6. We need to save the page now. Don’t worry about those empty pockets. They fill in with the background color when saved. It’s a great little trick!!

6. In technique #3 of the post referred to above I talk more in depth about how to cheat the app so you can add text over multiple pockets. Simply put, the trick is to bring the saved page back into the app in the 12x12 collage template.

7. So now the app thinks my page is one large 12x12 pocket and will let me add freeform text anywhere! Cool huh?!

8. To add more text boxes just press the “+” button in the options below the page.

And it’s done!! Hopefully this answers some of your questions.


  1. Thanks! I would never have thought to do the edit as a 12x12” for the text to “stretch”
    across the boxes!

  2. When you save it as a 12x12 page, can you still print it later as an 8x8?

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  4. Did you use FFT for the blue brackets on your Storing Rocks for Winter layout? This is such a great technique. I can't wait to use it!

  5. Meagan: Lovely scrapbooking projects, Meagan, and so full of everyday joys!!! You seem to exude your humor and joy into those layouts with your text!