Creating Page Sketches in the Project Life App

So I am loving my app template folder! [see post here] and I thought I would be a geek and take it to the next level. I turned each original page into a traditional looking scrapbook sketch with placeholder cards and photos so I know what to put where! If you are a digital scrapper you are probably familiar with templates too. They remove a big hurdle in the page creation process!

This is the look we are getting into folks! This is a screenshot of my current App Template folder and shows all the amazing, quick-page gloriousness. 

First I created generic photo placeholders in all the common sizes. I made these in the collage section of the app. I used a neutral background and wrote the size of the photo right on the card. Then I saved them to my camera roll and, if needed, cropped the unnecessary part of the collage out with my native photo editing.  I created a folder in the app to store my photo placeholders and in my camera roll.

Then I duplicated a couple of the pages I frequently remake and filled it in with placeholder filler cards, journaling cards and photos. (I used the Happiness Edition for my journaling and filler card placeholders cards). So this:

became this:

Doesn’t that look super professional and all fancy?! 


I actually left the title off of the original template so I could duplicate it and still change out the pockets. I will add the title when the page is completed by saving the page then opening it up again in a 12 x 12 collage (see essential technique #3 for more details). It’s the only way to spread a title out over multiple pockets. I just added it here so you could see the final look but this is how it is saved in my template folder:

I could do this!!

This page:

became this:

This layout:

became this (shown here side by side. This is saved in my folder as two separate pages.)

I then saved the blank template into my template folder in the app. I am going to keep the completed pages in that same folder so I can see the different variations of each template. 

**UPDATED! Here are so more with examples:

So fun!! In all your extra free time I am sure this is something you will want to do 😉 😉


  1. I love your templates!! I wish I can get them somehow! Love your pages ❤️

  2. I love this idea but can you please explain how you created templates from these? I thought once you exported it you couldn't change the pockets? That's the part I'm stumped on.