Creating and Using a Templates Folder in the Project Life App

Hey friends!!

Quick PL tip that has saved me tons of time. I have noticed that I keep duplicating old pages and following the same card/photo/journaling/title pattern. When I find a layout that works well why reinvent the wheel?! So I created a folder in my app just for template pages. 

Some of my templates are for reoccurring layouts, like my Project 52 pages, and some are pages I made that, to me, have an aesthetically pleasing flow.

So examples please?! That’s what you really want right?!

I really like the layout of this page. It is has a good balance and I like it for pictures that are all similar.

[Design U, Dear Lizzy Daydreamer Mini Kit, Drop Shadow Off]

I added it to my template folder and, after taking these pictures of my son a few days later, knew this was the layout I wanted to use for those pictures. I just opened my template folder, found the above page, and duplicated it.

Then I followed the same pattern of cards/journaling/title/pictures and came up with this page:

[Design U, Copper Mountain Card Collection, Drop Shadow off]

I tweaked it just a little to fit the number of pictures but you can see the same pattern.

Here are a couple other templates I have in my folder...

My Collect App template:

[Design F & Design U]

I want my drop shadow on for these pages so duplicating is really beneficial. The drop shadow in the duplicate page will remain on even if my preference is turned off.

My Project 52 template:

[Design A & Squared Away 11]

And a few double page layouts:

One of my favorite double page layouts I have used several times. Here are all the variations:

[Design A, Bluegrass Farm Card Collection, Drop Shadow off]

[Design A, Heritage Edition, Drop Shadow Off]

[Design A, Celebrate Everyday (retired)]

[Design A, Seasonal Snapshots 2015 (retired), Drop Shadow off]

Hope this inspires you and helps you save time!!


  1. Wow love this idea. It's always amazing to see the same layout design with different "papers", photos etc and how very different they look. I definitely think i need to do this so that my 2018 album will go smoothly when I make it. Thanks for the tips.