No Drop Shadow Card Collection

So I just spent most of the free moments in my day compiling the cards that would work well with the no drop shadow style! It was a totally selfish endeavor but I thought I would share. 

A couple notes before you delve into inspiration goodness:

1) I am sure I am missing several possible cards! There are a bunch of kits I didn’t even bother to look through because they just wouldn’t work as well due to patterned backgrounds, etc. 

2) I only looked through horizontal 4x6 and vertical 3x4 (mostly Design A type cards) because they are the most common and the other orientations are usually repeats.

3) 90% of these cards will need a white background to achieve the full effect. I just used a gray background here so you can see the separate cards.

4) I haven’t tested the majority of these but a few pages might pop up while you peruse!! I was really inspired while collecting these cards and keep referring to them as I create pages. I will add more pages as I complete them.

5) There are some pretty cool graphic cards that would look cool on repeat (see Kiwi and Picturesque for example). They work well because they have white in the design making the white lines dividing the cards so obvious.

6) To be able to fully utilize the cards you can export them and then bring them back onto your page as a photo. Instructions to do that are in this post.

Are you ready?! You are definitely going to want to make a page or two after looking through this!

[title done in the Over App]

Whew!! That was a lot of work. You are welcome!!

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