Kit Smashing: Baby Girl Edition

So I just had my first girl after three boys! Yay! My Francie is just a doll and I have loved curating her closet but it’s not as easy as I thought. There are a plethora of baby girl clothing options out there (way more than boy clothes) but I found myself, surprisingly, only liking a fraction of them. There is no rhyme or reason to what I like but I definitely know it when I see it. As I have been making her pages in the Project Life app I am finding the same issue...lots of baby but not a lot that I like. So I have been “kit smashing” quite a bit lately. I just find one card I like and then find coordinating cards in other kits to compliment my pictures. Much like I put together her outfits or decorate my house. It has made my kits feel new again and that I am expressing my own personal style (whatever that may be?!)

Here are some of my most recent kit smashing adventures:

1) I totally love that “Big Things Have Small Beginnings” quote card!! It’s what started this kit smash. I pulled cards from Currently, Note to Self, Seafoam Edition, Seasons Mini Kit, Sprinkles, and Valley High. 

And here is the page I made out of these cards...

You can see that I turned off the pocket drop shadow and had to export a couple of cards and bring them back in as photos to get them to work in the 2x2 pockets. Totally worth the effort, however. That small babe has made a big impact on our lives! Gosh we love her!

2) Those cute flowers in the Project 52 Rad Edition?! I had to figure out a way to use them on a page for my Francie. It inspired my next kit smash. I brought out the colors of that card with some more help from Rad, the Mayfield Childhood Mini Kit, and Fine & Dandy.

And how sweet is this page?!

Oh that sad sad crying face! She finally cut those bottom teeth so it’s literally all smiles all the time. We lucked out!

3) Lastly (for tonight anyway) I really wanted to use those morning/evening cards in Cirque. This is a kit smash of Walden, Project 52 Fresh Edition, Cirque, Peace, Love, & Sunshine, Jade and Project 52 Bloom. 

I have been doing a Project 52 album for Francie. Here is Week 24 with the above cards. I just love love that morning/evening theme as a way to give the page of random pictures a little more structure.

Seriously so fun huh?! I hope you are inspired!! 




  1. I'm always afraid to mix and match cards from sets. I like the cohesiveness of coordinating cards within a set, but I guess I just need to take some extra time and explore around a little more and mix it up.Thanks for the visuals in this post!
    And, I totally need your autograph, Miss "I wrote a blog post for Becky"! :)