More drop kick the drop shadow inspiration...

I am loving the whole new style I can create in the Project Life app when I turned off the drop shadow button! It has so many great applications. 

1. Bundle Up Baby Girl!

[ Hello December 2015 Edition, Big Shot 7 ]

Here it is with the background turned a different color so you can see how it’s put together.

The bottom left 4x6 space is made with a collage 4x6K.

2. Modern Socks

[Resolutions Card Collection, Design C]

I make random pages for my own little scrapbook! Mom life, architecture, date nights...I can post about it later.

3. Sunny Girl!

[Awesome Edition, Squared Away 16]

Here it is with the colored background:

To be able to change the orientation of the half sunshine journaling card around the picture I made it into a collage, exported it, then used it like a picture which I can rotate. I do that a lot!

4. Kiss you all over!

[Dear Lizzy Daydreamer Mini Kit, Design W]

Um...this page! All I did was drop the drop shadow, export that 4x6 journaling card and do some rotating.

Keep sharing your drop shadowless pages! I love seeing them!

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