I am a cheater...

Guys...I totally cheat the system to make all the pages I do (almost 1,500 in a little over 3 years!!) My history as a physical scrapbooker helps quite a bit (more on that in another post) but, mostly, I am a digital fraud! It's all a front. A beautiful facade to hide my laziness! Here is how I cheat:

1) When not taking pictures with my iPhone 7 (an 8+ is being shipped to me as I type! Yay!) I use a Sony NEX-3 and shoot in auto like 99.9 ... okay ...100% of the time. Over the years I have learned about the importance proper composition and ideal lighting outside of camera settings.  I can get a photo decent enough for scrapbooking without any of the pain of adjusting my settings. My camera is light-weight and easy to take along. I put it in auto and let it do its thing. It's a beautiful relationship! All those pictures of my baby girl? Auto mode with a little tweaking in PicTapGo (see #3) Landscapes, architecture, my profile pic. You name it! All auto mode! 

2) I use the Project Life app exclusively. There are a bazagillion options out there for scrapbooking on your phone but too many options overwhelm me which equals not getting anything done! So I keep it simple. I only use the Project Life app! I’ve really learned how to achieve the look I like within the constraints of the app (which I have pushed to their limit...refer to all my tips!) and I love how simple it is.

3) Along with using the app exclusively I use PicTapGo for all my editing (which is included in the app if you have an iPhone). Oh I have Snapseed and Picfx and Facetune, etc but I find I can accomplish the same look with a couple taps in PicTapGo. (I will make a whole other post on PicTapGo soon...)

All this equals fast, PRACTICAL, albeit cute memory keeping mania! Which is exactly what I need at this stage in my life...and probably at every stage from here on out! 

Here are some samples of how all my cheating pays off:

And they say cheaters don’t prosper?! 

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  1. I love your Pages! I need to learn to be more creative w/ the app!